Valentine’s Day: Heart Shaped Hot Dogs

Heart Shaped Hot Dog

 Surprise your little one with a heart shaped hot dog lunch on Valentine’s Day! Be sure to use to Lets Be Frank Hot Dogs… Lets Be Frank only uses pasture-based livestock free from hormones, steroids, and other junk, and their dogs never contain nitrates or nitrites. 100% Grass Fed Uncured Beef Franks (4 Pack), $7.50 at Click “Continue Reading” for Directions. -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE


    • Lets Be Frank Organic Hot Dogs
    • Uncooked Linguine
    • Chedder Cheese


  1. For each one, cut the ends from a hot dog at a diagonal and place the cut edges together as shown.
  2. Spear the heart with a length of uncooked linguine.  Add pieces of cheese trimmed to resemble the ends of an arrow. -Family Fun Magazine


#1 Cora D. on 01.29.13 at 7:23 pm

Such a adorable idea and I like the suggestion of Lets Be Frank too

#2 Rockbleeder on 02.03.13 at 6:29 pm

I made my own version. Not so good like yours but it’s cute. 😀

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