Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s Arrow

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Get to the heart of the one you love with Cupid’s golden arrow. Wrap your ears, wrists, neck and  hands with Cupid’s swift single arrow for luck in love or to attract a lovestruck lover. The perfect nod to Valentine’s Day, click “continue reading” for THE WIFE’s Guide for bejeweled arrow jewelry! Photographed Above: Anita Ko 18k Rose Gold Diamond Arrow Earring, $1,935.00 at  -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE in collaboration with

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Necklaces: Jennifer Meyer Mini Arrow Necklace, $1,275.00 at; Jennifer Meyer 18k Gold Arrow Pendant Necklace, $1,200.00 at

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Bracelets: Finn 18k Yellow Gold Arrow Cuff, $1,400.00 at; 18k Gold and Diamond Arrow Bracelet, $1,300.00 at

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Earrings: 14k Gold Arrow and Black Pave Diamond Heart Mixed Stud Earrings, $458.00 at; 18k Gold Arrow Stud Earrings, $425.00 at; 18k Gold Medium Arrow Hoop Earrings, $900.00 at

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Rings: Twisted Arrow Ring with White Diamonds, $1,500.00 at; Twisted Arrow Ring at; 18k Gold Arrow Ring, $475.00 at; 18k gold Arrow and Heart, $550.00 at


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#1 GIGI BAITH on 02.14.14 at 11:51 pm

Love these pieces! Love Gold is amaze-balls. xoxo


Gigi B.

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