THE HUSBAND: The Difference Between a Man and a Gentleman

A man tried to make his mark and a gentleman strives to leave a mark. A man accepts a favor and a gentleman returns the favor. A man gives orders and a gentleman inspires. A man fits the mold and a gentleman tires to break the mold. The differences are many, but it all comes down to this: a man takes the necessary amount of steps and a gentleman takes the extra step.  Congratulations to all the gentlemen who took the extra step.


#1 Kaylie E. on 10.22.12 at 6:37 am

Forwarding to my little brothers, so I can drill this in their thick skulls. Haha

#2 Dante on 10.22.12 at 6:42 pm

It’s wonderful you post things like this

#3 Frances Pierre on 10.23.12 at 4:19 am

Every man needs to read this and put it to use

#4 ced bradley on 01.27.13 at 2:40 pm

Thank you brother

#5 meshach opare on 11.06.14 at 6:49 am

the difference between a boy and a gentleman

#6 Rob Baxley on 03.16.15 at 3:46 am

Thanks ladies. I was right!!!!! And y’all are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+
I have to ask, if you don’t have a 10 ” D???
Does that mean your not a man?

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