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WIFE Tunes: Polica


Minneapolis Band, Polica just popped up on THE WIFE’s radar and we cannot stop listening to their first album “Give You The Ghost.” This indie rock electronica band debuted back in 2011 and reels you in with beautifully textured tunes. 11 tracks made up of creative auto tune, dark drumming patterns and  electric guitar synthesizers that all come together for bewitching music. Deeply moving to calm you down from a stressful day.

THE WIFE Favorites: “Wandering Star,” “Amongster,” “Dark Star” and “Lay Your Cards Out,” Click “continue reading” to listen. Polica “Give You The Ghost, $10.99 at -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE Continue reading →

The Healthy WIFE: Clue

Clue, Period App

THE WIFE  uses her smart phone to track what you eat, how you excercise and even your sleep patterns – but what about your fertility? Enter Clue, a mobile app  designed to make tracking your fertility accurate, fast and friendly… and without the pink frilly girly non sense.

Keep track of your monthly cycle by entering data about your period, pain, mood, fluid, sexual activity and personal notes. Glance at your phone to know when your next period is coming. Clue uses an algorithm to calculate and predict your own unique cycle. The more you use Clue, the more accurate it gets. By far the BEST period app we’ve come across! You’ll love the layout and design, also it’s incredibly easy to use. Visit for additional information or click “continue reading” for more. -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE

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WIFE with Style: Kate Bosworth

WIFE with Style: Kate Bosworth

THE WIFE Gift Idea: Shuglove

Shuglove Farmstead Sweets

Shuglove was created in 2009 out of sugar and love. Each little le petite bonbon is a whimsical sweet treat that should be lovingly passed along to others. These tiny treasures make a great addition to any gift… Think hostess gift, pair these Farmstead Fruit Baskets with a bottle of  wine or champagne. Visit for ordering information. -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE

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