Burning Man

(Arriving into Black Rock City)

As crazy and as wild as Burning Man sounds, My three friends, Tom, Tamara, Catherine and I decided to go for it… Figuring why not?!? We’re young and these are the years when you’re meant to experience mysterious and strange places┬ábefore settling down… Right??? So 15 hours we drove in our rented RV to Black Rock City with open minds.

Upon arrival we we’re greeted by a fellow Burner at the entrance who made us get out of our RV and hugged us while saying “Welcome Home!” Then instructed us to lie down in the dirt and make dust angels (similar to snow angels) on the ground, kind of like an initiation for first timers… Welcome to Burning Man!

To my surprise Burning Man was not as extreme, scary or dirty as friends had frightened me into thinking. It is near impossible to explain and or describe in one common theme as there is so much going on and so much to participate in. ┬áBut I’d like to think of it as a super fun, apocalyptic, neon, playground that Tim Burton could have created on Halloween. Because Burning Man is about freedom of expression and community, everyone is open, friendly and as helpful as can be. I highly recommend going once in your lifetime, it’s one to be added to the bucket list! – Taryn Cox for THE WIFE.

Picking up tickets from Will Call.

Burning Man Tickets for 2011. This years theme: Rites of Passage.

My costume for the evening…. a vibrant red wig! Fun!

Tom and I pose for a photo in the desert upon arriving.


An Art Bus transports us 2 miles outside the Playa.

People mingle on the Art Bus

The only practical form of transportation on The Playa… Bicycles.

Sunset on the desert.

Tom and Catherine

Toasting… Cheers!

Not bad food selection for out in the desert!

Zoo Camp Banner Logo

Members of Zoo Camp got these festive dog tag necklaces.

A gorgeous moon at dusk

Discovering the Playa

A dust storm paints the afternoon skyline

The Temple of Transition is a place of ritual and transition, a place where we both remember and look ahead, a place of ending and beginning.

A wedding dress decorates an archway “I Vow to Love Myself First.”

Tom and Catherine take some time out to meditate.

People come to reflect in peacefulness.

The L.O.V.E art installation, Each letter is made of rusted steel. The letters are skinned with bird cutouts.

Art Installation in the Deep Playa.

Art Car

Our group poses for a photo in front of old T.V. sets. It is a mass of mass media designed to draw the participant in from a distance. At night they are illuminated and simultaneously playing different programs.

Chattering Teeth Art Car

Dust at Sunset on The Playa.

Another year at Burning Man comes to a close as the ritual Burning of The Man ignites into flames.

Tamara and I in our costumes.


#1 Em on 09.20.11 at 6:29 am

Hey GREAT BM photos!! We missed it this year because of a new baby!

#2 Nicole on 09.20.11 at 7:03 pm

Woowza!!! I’ve always wondered about burning man… and always been very intimidated! Looks like quite the experience. Great photos!

#3 Mrs. Johnson on 09.22.11 at 6:41 am

I’m so glad you got to experience Black Rock City! Sounds like you had a great time!!! Married to a Burner, I went for my first time as our second honeymoon…..beautiful art, beautiful people! Nothing like it in the world!

#4 Janey on 08.12.13 at 2:48 pm

I love the photos, and am amused at the fact that comments pointing out this was all a big PR campaign for Krug have been deleted. Lulz!

#5 Madison on 10.14.13 at 1:13 am

I am confused. Did you camp on the playa or take an art bus tour in?
From your pics, it does not seem as though you stayed for more than a day, and for the burn.
Krug stunt was B.S. Hope they got fined. Just not in the Burning Spirit.

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