Taryn Cox is a domestic expert, with a tastefully sophisticated aesthetic and desire to pioneer a new “Wifestyle” movement. She blends a passion for the visually pleasing with a desire to share her expertise, driving visitors to her site for daily inspiration on everything from recipe creation and style inspiration, to whimsical holiday décor and musical play lists to fill your home, to ladylike etiquette and tips on beauty, health and travel.

Taryn launched the aspirational website THE WIFE in 2008 as a response to the void left in popular media for women in her generation seeking to be both wives and mothers as well as CEO’s. In a culture that devalued traditional homemaking as anti-feminist and antiquated, Taryn sought to create a forum where women could be empowered by her confection of THE WIFE, a woman who is equal parts educated, stylish, sophisticated and passionate about her home. The well-curated site, which has over 30,000 unique page views a month, highlights the dynamics of living well as an art form and encourages its readers to take pride in being stylish, poised and elegant without sacrificing their femininity or independence as modern day women.