10 Tips for THE WIFE: Monogramming

Tips for Monogramming

Whether your monogramming something for yourself, your home or a wedding gift there are guidelines to follow. Monograms can add personal style to stationary, linens, jewelry and tailored shirts. Below is the correct etiquette when considering your next personalized project -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE

1. Monogram Style: Single-letter monograms are more casual and multiple letter monograms tend to be more formal. Children’s monograms are often the first initial only, except for keepsake items, which should have a full 3 letter monogram. For married couples using the single monogram, choose the last initial for joint household items and the first initial for personal individual items.

2. Tradition: Traditionally, block lettering is reserved for men, cursive and script for women or couples, rounded for any of the above. However, today’s standards are less strict and it is generally up to the individual’s personal taste. There is a large variety of font choices available to match your own personal style.

3. Initials: All letters are the same size with no emphasis on any one. Initials are simply the first letter of each name, For example: Taryn Lindsey Cox in initial form is ” T L C ”

*Man’s Shirt Monogram: If you’re going to monogram a man’s cuff or collar, then use their initials: first, middle, and last name in order and all at the same height. For example: Chuck Edward Bass becomes ” C E B ”
4. For Individuals: Your monogram should be created with your last initial in the center, followed by your first and middle initial. For example: Taryn Lindsey Cox would appear ” T C L ” The “C” will be the largest letter in the center of the three letter monogram.
5. Two Letter Monogram: For people with no middle name, it would be their first and last initials,  the same size and in that order. For Example: Taryn Cox becomes ” T C ”
6. Couples with the Same Last Name: Traditional 3 letter monogram for a couple with the same last name, the last name initial is centered and enlarged and the couple’s first initials on either side. For Example: Taryn and Chuck Bass,  ” T S B ”
7. For Couples with Different Last Names: For couples with different last names, a two letter monogram in the order of your choice is recommended. For example:  Taryn Cox and Chuck Bass becomes ” C B ”
8. For Names with an Apostrophe:  For complicated  last names like O’Reilly, use the letter before the apostrophe, in this case the  “O” For names like MacDonald and Di Maggio use the first letter as well, in these cases, “M” and “D”.
9. For Couples with Hyphenated Last Name: For couples with hyphenated last name, a two letter monogram in the order of your choice works best. For Example: Taryn and Chuck Cox Bass,  ” C B ”
10. Family: For products going to the entire family it’s best to use the entire family name. For example: Bass or use a ” B ”  for the initial. – Taryn Cox for THE WIFE, ehow.com and williamsonoma.com


#1 Sapir on 10.24.13 at 2:42 am

How do I monogram my name : Sapir van der Hoeven?

#2 Tania Vila on 02.01.16 at 2:30 pm

It’s complicated… for example, how do you do family monogram in following situation – see last names (fake last names in this instance):

Husband: Robinson
Wife: Smith
2 kids – last names: Smith-Robinson

What letter do I use for a single letter monogram front door wreath?

#3 Rocio Aguayo on 07.22.16 at 1:47 am

I do not have a middle name and wish to have a monogram using 3 letters.
My name is: Rocio
Last Name: Aguayo
Mother’s Last Name or second last name: Fernandez
Is it correct to say: RAF or what do you suggest?

Rocio Aguayo Fernández

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