Supermarket Sweep: Coconut Spread


This little jar of goodness caught THE WIFE’s eye in Marks and Spencer. A last minute purchase and worth every penny. This coconut spread by Hey Boo is made by traditionally slow cooking to perfection creamy coconut milk, egg yolks, and sugar, into a mixture that is mouth watering and spreadable in consistency. Nutella can officially take a hike, as this is our new favorite breakfast sidekick! Goes great on toast, waffles and pancakes, $12.00 AT -THE WIFE™

THE WIFE: Favorite Home Scents

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.36.16 PM

Scent in THE WIFE’s home in very important. Besides noticing if your house is impeccably clean and organized, the next thing your visiting guests will pick up on is your home’s scent. THE WIFE™ has a few favorite enveloping scents we love to keep stocked for each room. Click “continue reading” to see what’s on our list. – THE WIFE™

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WIFE Tunes: Bob Moses


THE WIFE™ hasn’t heard an artist this good in… well… a very long time. We’ve been playing Bob Moses to death in the office and it gets out nod for best new artist of the year. Brooklyn based Canadians, Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie, mix deep house with blissful, deep instrumentals and one mesmerizing voice and Voila! Their tunes have a sexy and sultry embrace… perfect from bedroom ready style….play on the way home from date night.

THE WIFE Favorites:  “Ain’t Gonna Be The First to Cry,” “Talk,” “Winter’s Song,” “Before I fall,” “Too Much is Never Enough,” and “All I Want.” Bob Moses albums “All in All,” $7.99 and “Days Gone By,” $9.99 at – THE WIFE™

Valentino, Spring 2016





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Soaps and Lotions from Habitat


THE WIFE just came across these chic soaps and lotions from Habitat in France. We love the idea of them keeping our Waterworks fixtures company by the sink or in the shower. If you can read french, head over to to order a set for your bathroom. – THE WIFE™