THE WIFE Guide: Ear Charms

THE WIFE Guide: Ear Charms

Looking to jushe up the basic gold ear studs currently living in your jewelry box? Let THE WIFE™ introduce you to ear charms. Turns out earring posts are no longer taking the back seat. Accompanied with any stud, the embellished charm frames the bottom of the lobe and why it’s been deemed “business in the front and all party in the back.” The trademark charms are modern and edgy, click “continue reading” to see how you can decorate your ears for Fall.

Photographed Above: Linear 14k Yellow Gold  and Diamond Dagger Ear Backing, $500.00; 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Tip Dagger Ear Backing, $400.00; 14k Yellow Gold and V Diamond Dagger Ear Backing, $560.00; 14k Yellow Dagger Ear Backing, $220.00 all available at

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WIFE with Style: Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington

WIFE Sweet Treat: Torie & Howard’s Organic Hard Candy

Torie and Howard's Organic Hard Candy

THE WIFE™ believes that food tastes better when it is made with organic, natural ingredients and responsible principles. Which is why we are loving Torie and Howard’s Organic Hard Candy. They strive to create delicious, tasty treats that are made in a way that is as health-friendly, eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible.

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Christmas: Minted Holiday Cards Christmas Cards

This is the Season to shine. Gorgeous and glam, make a statement with your family card this year with Minted’s unique holiday creations. Choose from foil pressed cards, made with real metallic accents to add a touch of luxe and sparkle to your holiday. Also choose from Minted’s booklette cards (photographed above), for THE WIFE™ who can’t send just one photo…. This allows for 8 pages of customized photos and text to share with friends and family.

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WIFE Obsession: Matcha Chia Glo

Organic Avenue: Matcha Chia Glo

Matcha seems to be all over THE WIFE’s™ radar this month, as our newest obsession is Organic Avenue’s Matcha Chia Glo. Healthy, light and packed with a wide array of superfoods like oxygenating chlorophyll and mineral rich coconut sugar that balances the flavor of earthy antioxidant-rich green matcha tea. Chia seeds packed with protein along with omega fatty acids add an unexpected twist, while zinc rich pumpkin seeds support immunity, clear skin and overall health.

This energy booster makes for the perfect morning coffee replacement or pre-gym drink and goes great with Organic Avenue’s gluten-free apple cinnamon muffins (another WIFE favorite!). Matcha Chia Glo (matcha green tea, chia seeds, vanilla, cardamom, pumpkin seeds, coconut sugar), $8.00 at  -Taryn Cox for THE WIFE™